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Oversized Heavy Duty Milk Crates (14.5L x 14.5W x 15.5D) - 1 Pallet

Regular price $864.00

Pallet Quantity:

54 Pieces


The oversized milk crate was born as an idea 20 years ago when customers began to ask for a plastic container like the standard milk crate, only better. It had to stack easily, be extremely strong and durable, and also easy to clean. SYS Crates now offers a crate that will fill many needs that, until now, were solved by corrugated boxes, expensive wire baskets or any number of improvised alternatives.

The Oversized Milk Crate is a heavy-duty, plastic stackable container with an open lattice construction designed to hold larger items for storage and transport. The Oversized Milk Crate is fashioned in the style of a conventional plastic dairy crate.  

  • Sturdy corner uprights for superior stacking stability
  • Heavy-Duty crate for larger storage and stacking capability
  • Four large, easy-to-grasp handholds
  • A variety of colors to choose from-no assembly required
  • Functions in cold and warm climates without deterioration
  • Made from superior plastic materials for easy cleaning and impervious to chemicals


Outside: 14.625L x 14.625W x 15.75H 
Inside: 13.625L x 13.625W x 14.5H

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