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Solid Deck Stackable Perimeter Base Plastic Pallet

Item #PA-38

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‚Äč$43.50 per pallet

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Full Pallet (18)

‚ÄčExport pallet with cross design, excellent for double-stacked shipments. Plastic pallet with solid surface and perimeter base. Ideal for international shipments; does not require heat treatment or a fumigation.


  • Injection molded out of high density polyethylene, they are more durable, more impact resistant, and they outperform other pallets on the market.
  • Considerably lighter than wood pallets, they can reduce transportation costs.
  • Plastic pallets, without their sharp edges and splinters, decrease injuries and contribute positively to employee safety.
  • Plastic pallets are more impact resistant.
  • Highly resistant to weather and contaminants (UV rays, humidity, moisture, oils, chemicals, etc.)
  • Reduced product damage.
  • Plastic pallets will not scratch or blemish a retail floor.



40 x 48 x 5.75 in.

Dynamic Capacity

3,500 lbs.

Static Capacity

4,800 lbs.

Rackable Capacity

Not Recommended


26.2 lbs.

Pallet Jack Entry 

4 sides

Powered Pallet Jack Entry

4 sides

Fork Lift Entry 

4 sides

53' Trailer Quantity



High-density polyethylene is a copolymer which is not only resistant to the elements but also provides excellent unit load performance.


Cardboard Boxes, Bundles, Kegs, Barrels, etc.