We work with an expansive network of proven national, regional and local metro LTL carriers across North America that are made available based on price and transit time.  We extend to you our volume shipping rates to keep the cost down. When shipping important freight, you want to make sure your goods arrive safely and on-time. Our freight service provider works with high quality contract carriers to get the best value.

Dock to Dock Shipping

Our dock to dock shipments typically arrive on pallets and require a forklift. To insure your products arrive on time, and are deliverable, please inform us your receiving hours and any pertinent information that might affect delivery such as not having a forklift or loading dock. Locations without a loading dock or fork lift will require a lift gate truck for the final delivery. There is usually an additional fee for lift gate deliveries. Government buildings, hospitals, schools and churches are generally considered limited access locations and require additional arrangements.

Shipping Cost Factors

LTL freight rates vary based on a number of factors such as weight, density, value, as well as its dimensions and the distance it will travel. LTL shipping allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck. It is cost efficient, with multiple companies paying for their portion of trailer space. However, many factors can affect shipping rates like geography fuel prices. There are also seasonal factors that heighten truckload demand in certain regions, such as agriculture and holiday shipments for retail.

Four Tips on How to Save Money on Freight

#1 Plan ahead

Planning always saves money. When your order isn’t in a rush we have time to shop for the right freight. Our goal is to get orders out quickly, but if you let us know you have some time we may be able to get a better rate and save you money. Planning ahead ensures you won’t have to pay more for expedited service and you can plan around certain holidays when trucks are scarce and costs are up.

#2 Buy a full truck load (FTL)

If you know you use an item often it is typically more cost effective per pound than less than truckload (LTL) shipping since you pay by the mile instead of by weight and freight class. Also, your freight is not routed through a hub system, so it will arrive faster and there is less potential for damage because pallets are only handled at pick up and drop off.

#3 Buy as much you can

Even with LTL shipping you can save by buying more. In some cases, it is the same freight cost to buy a full pallet as a half. Many of our items stack and nest and some only stack. You can save shipping cost by placing 16 Qt. Milk Crates inside of Oversize Milk Crates. The added weight actually increases density and lowers the cost. It’s counter intuitive, but it works.

#4 Trust us

Another way to save is to trust that if we see that it is cheaper to send two pallets instead of one we will do it to save you money. Our customers are our priority and we strive to get your orders shipped as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible.

Expedited Shipping

Time-critical shipments can be arranged to get your products to you quickly. We offer a variety of freight shipping service levels, so you can select the method that best fits your time frame. Simply indicate that your order needs to be expedited and we will provide you with several options to choose from.


Each shipment has a tracking number. It is nice to be able to go online and track your shipment and know when to expect delivery. Your carrier and tracking number are placed on your account record after it ships. Be aware that freight shipping is sometimes delayed by factors outside of anyones control like the weather.